West Derby, Liverpool, Lancashire



Latitude: 53.4024295, Longitude: -2.9928195


Latitude: 53.4299964, Longitude: -2.9181976


Latitude: 53.4299964, Longitude: -2.9181976


Latitude: 53.4299964, Longitude: -2.9181976


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1 BLAINEY Horace  27 May 1897West Derby, Liverpool, Lancashire I117 ATHERTON 
2 FRANCIS Stephen Scotson  1907West Derby, Liverpool, Lancashire I377 HEAPEY-STANDISH 
3 Col. HENSHAW Norman Scotson, MBE, MC  1890West Derby, Liverpool, Lancashire I296 HEAPEY-STANDISH 
4 HOOPER Emma  1851West Derby, Liverpool, Lancashire I24 LIVERPOOL 
5 HOOPER Emma  1851West Derby, Liverpool, Lancashire I349 ATHERTON 
6 LIGHTFOOT Elizabeth Jane  1855West Derby, Liverpool, Lancashire I266 HEAPEY-STANDISH 
7 LIGHTFOOT Margaret Hannah  1859West Derby, Liverpool, Lancashire I267 HEAPEY-STANDISH 
8 LIGHTFOOT Robert Scotson  1852West Derby, Liverpool, Lancashire I265 HEAPEY-STANDISH 
9 LIGHTFOOT Samuel Edmund  1865West Derby, Liverpool, Lancashire I271 HEAPEY-STANDISH 
10 LIGHTFOOT William Henry  1853West Derby, Liverpool, Lancashire I268 HEAPEY-STANDISH 
11 MATHER William Newman  25 Nov 1909West Derby, Liverpool, Lancashire I9539 RADCLIFFE 
12 MORGAN Helen Austin  1884West Derby, Liverpool, Lancashire I717 HEAPEY-STANDISH 
13 PEACOP William Seth  16 Jun 1864West Derby, Liverpool, Lancashire I735 HEAPEY-STANDISH 
14 PENNINGTON Harry Woolton  8 May 1891West Derby, Liverpool, Lancashire I766 HEAPEY-STANDISH 
15 POTTS Lilian May  28 May 1896West Derby, Liverpool, Lancashire I4237 RADCLIFFE 
16 ROURKE Emily Lavinia  1887West Derby, Liverpool, Lancashire I4788 RADCLIFFE 
17 SCOTSON Doris  2 Nov 1895West Derby, Liverpool, Lancashire I290 HEAPEY-STANDISH 
18 SCOTSON Hannah  1878West Derby, Liverpool, Lancashire I202 HEAPEY-STANDISH 
19 SCOTSON Mary  1877West Derby, Liverpool, Lancashire I201 HEAPEY-STANDISH 
20 SMITH Edith Georgina  1900West Derby, Liverpool, Lancashire I292 HEAPEY-STANDISH 
21 TRAYNOR Elizabeth Margaret  1908West Derby, Liverpool, Lancashire I3238 RADCLIFFE 
22 WEST Frank Joseph  1886West Derby, Liverpool, Lancashire I4786 RADCLIFFE 
23 WEST Violet Ellis  1884West Derby, Liverpool, Lancashire I4785 RADCLIFFE 
24 WILLIS Madeline  1915West Derby, Liverpool, Lancashire I4970 RADCLIFFE 
25 WILLIS Nora  1913West Derby, Liverpool, Lancashire I4969 RADCLIFFE 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Christened    Person ID   Tree 
1 SCOTSON Thomas  26 Jan 1873West Derby, Liverpool, Lancashire I199 HEAPEY-STANDISH 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID   Tree 
1 CLIEVELEY James  1934West Derby, Liverpool, Lancashire I248 HEAPEY-STANDISH 
2 COOPER Sarah Ann  1923West Derby, Liverpool, Lancashire I253 HEAPEY-STANDISH 
3 RADLEY Martha  Mar 1860West Derby, Liverpool, Lancashire I117 HEAPEY-STANDISH 
4 REICHARDT Edith Elizabeth  1926West Derby, Liverpool, Lancashire I225 HEAPEY-STANDISH 
5 SCOTSON Ann  1872West Derby, Liverpool, Lancashire I95 HEAPEY-STANDISH 
6 SCOTSON Elizabeth Jane  1876West Derby, Liverpool, Lancashire I260 HEAPEY-STANDISH 
7 SCOTSON Ellen  1888West Derby, Liverpool, Lancashire I336 ATHERTON 
8 SCOTSON Hannah  1931West Derby, Liverpool, Lancashire I202 HEAPEY-STANDISH 
9 SCOTSON Henry  1908West Derby, Liverpool, Lancashire I424 ATHERTON 
10 SCOTSON James  Dec 1848West Derby, Liverpool, Lancashire I94 HEAPEY-STANDISH 
11 SCOTSON James  1900West Derby, Liverpool, Lancashire I341 ATHERTON 
12 SCOTSON Mary  2 Apr 1846West Derby, Liverpool, Lancashire I90 HEAPEY-STANDISH 
13 SCOTSON Robert  1873West Derby, Liverpool, Lancashire I204 HEAPEY-STANDISH 
14 SCOTSON Thomas  1896West Derby, Liverpool, Lancashire I130 HEAPEY-STANDISH 
15 WEBB Ellen Scotson  1910West Derby, Liverpool, Lancashire I212 HEAPEY-STANDISH 
16 WEBB Samuel E  1862West Derby, Liverpool, Lancashire I270 HEAPEY-STANDISH 
17 WEBBE Robert Scotson  1850West Derby, Liverpool, Lancashire I417 HEAPEY-STANDISH 
18 WELSBY William  1861West Derby, Liverpool, Lancashire I2703 RADCLIFFE 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Census    Person ID   Tree 
1 SCOTSON Jane Elizabeth  3 Apr 1881West Derby, Liverpool, Lancashire I198 HEAPEY-STANDISH 


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   Family    Married    Family ID   Tree 
1 HENSHAW / STOTT  1922West Derby, Liverpool, Lancashire F182 HEAPEY-STANDISH 
2 LIGHTFOOT / CLARKSON  1894West Derby, Liverpool, Lancashire F81 HEAPEY-STANDISH 
3 SCOTSON / WILSON  1888West Derby, Liverpool, Lancashire F83 HEAPEY-STANDISH 
4 WEST / ROURKE  1912West Derby, Liverpool, Lancashire F1435 RADCLIFFE 
5 WEST / TAYLOR  1882West Derby, Liverpool, Lancashire F1434 RADCLIFFE 
6 WOODS / SCOTSON  1934West Derby, Liverpool, Lancashire F112 HEAPEY-STANDISH