Hartlepool, County Durham



Latitude: 54.6804623, Longitude: -1.2244335


Latitude: 54.6804623, Longitude: -1.2244335


Latitude: 54.6804623, Longitude: -1.2244335


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1 BATTERSBY Florence Gibson  5 Apr 1915Hartlepool, County Durham I809 CO. DURHAM 
2 BEANEY William  23 Sep 1919Hartlepool, County Durham I604 CO. DURHAM 
3 CANSFIELD Lilian  28 Mar 1914Hartlepool, County Durham I859 CO. DURHAM 
4 DIXON Arthur H  1911Hartlepool, County Durham I42 CO. DURHAM 
5 HUNTER Elizabeth  1867Hartlepool, County Durham I90 N. YORKSHIRE 
6 HUNTER John William  1870Hartlepool, County Durham I94 N. YORKSHIRE 
7 HUNTER Margaret  1860Hartlepool, County Durham I88 N. YORKSHIRE 
8 HUNTER Mary Ann  1862Hartlepool, County Durham I93 N. YORKSHIRE 
9 HUNTER Mary Eliza  1858Hartlepool, County Durham I96 N. YORKSHIRE 
10 HUNTER Mary Emma  1876Hartlepool, County Durham I91 N. YORKSHIRE 
11 HUNTER Thomas  1855Hartlepool, County Durham I95 N. YORKSHIRE 
12 PALMER Jane  5 Jun 1908Hartlepool, County Durham I871 CO. DURHAM 
13 RICHARDS Henry Scotson  1896Hartlepool, County Durham I222 CO. DURHAM 
14 SCOTSON Alfred  15 Jan 1860Hartlepool, County Durham I1 N. YORKSHIRE 
15 SCOTSON Alice Elizabeth  1866Hartlepool, County Durham I16 N. YORKSHIRE 
16 SCOTSON Anne  1850Hartlepool, County Durham I50 N. YORKSHIRE 
17 SCOTSON Charles  1826Hartlepool, County Durham I29 N. YORKSHIRE 
18 SCOTSON Charles Henry  1852Hartlepool, County Durham I22 N. YORKSHIRE 
19 SCOTSON Colin  1864Hartlepool, County Durham I15 N. YORKSHIRE 
20 SCOTSON Edith Ann  1862Hartlepool, County Durham I11 N. YORKSHIRE 
21 SCOTSON Elizabeth  1830Hartlepool, County Durham I25 N. YORKSHIRE 
22 SCOTSON Elizabeth Ada  1858Hartlepool, County Durham I121 N. YORKSHIRE 
23 SCOTSON Emily Jane  1853Hartlepool, County Durham I51 N. YORKSHIRE 
24 SCOTSON Emmeline Grace  1867Hartlepool, County Durham I76 N. YORKSHIRE 
25 SCOTSON Esther Louisa  1868Hartlepool, County Durham I18 N. YORKSHIRE 
26 SCOTSON Frederick Robert  1855Hartlepool, County Durham I8 N. YORKSHIRE 
27 SCOTSON George Abraham  Apr 1840Hartlepool, County Durham I28 N. YORKSHIRE 
28 SCOTSON Harold  1876Hartlepool, County Durham I13 N. YORKSHIRE 
29 SCOTSON Herbert  1872Hartlepool, County Durham I12 N. YORKSHIRE 
30 SCOTSON Jane  1832Hartlepool, County Durham I26 N. YORKSHIRE 
31 SCOTSON Jessie Maud  25 Dec 1870Hartlepool, County Durham I10 N. YORKSHIRE 
32 SCOTSON John William  1854Hartlepool, County Durham I14 N. YORKSHIRE 
33 SCOTSON Julia Ann  1876Hartlepool, County Durham I79 N. YORKSHIRE 
34 SCOTSON Margaret Perryman  1864Hartlepool, County Durham I120 N. YORKSHIRE 
35 SCOTSON Marion  11 Aug 1861Hartlepool, County Durham I17 N. YORKSHIRE 
36 SCOTSON Mary  1838Hartlepool, County Durham I30 N. YORKSHIRE 
37 SCOTSON Mary Ellen  1849Hartlepool, County Durham I49 N. YORKSHIRE 
38 SCOTSON Robert  1828Hartlepool, County Durham I6 N. YORKSHIRE 
39 SCOTSON Ruth Ann  1834Hartlepool, County Durham I27 N. YORKSHIRE 
40 SCOTSON Walter George  1869Hartlepool, County Durham I77 N. YORKSHIRE 
41 SCOTSON William Edgar  1871Hartlepool, County Durham I78 N. YORKSHIRE 
42 SLIGHTHOLM Jane  1863Hartlepool, County Durham I434 CO. DURHAM 
43 TINDALE Ada Grace  1865Hartlepool, County Durham I114 N. YORKSHIRE 
44 TODD Ann  1828Hartlepool, County Durham I21 N. YORKSHIRE 
45 WARD John Moss  28 Sep 1893Hartlepool, County Durham I187 CO. DURHAM 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Christened    Person ID   Tree 
1 SCOTSON Charles  30 Apr 1826Hartlepool, County Durham I29 N. YORKSHIRE 
2 SCOTSON Elizabeth  29 Jan 1830Hartlepool, County Durham I25 N. YORKSHIRE 
3 SCOTSON Mary  3 May 1838Hartlepool, County Durham I30 N. YORKSHIRE 
4 SCOTSON Robert  13 Jan 1828Hartlepool, County Durham I6 N. YORKSHIRE 
5 SCOTSON Ruth Ann  23 Feb 1834Hartlepool, County Durham I27 N. YORKSHIRE 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID   Tree 
1 CAWTHORNE George Henry  Sep 1920Hartlepool, County Durham I35 CARLTON, YORKS 
2 CORNER James  1921Hartlepool, County Durham I64 N. YORKSHIRE 
3 FEWTRELL Edward George  24 Apr 1899Hartlepool, County Durham I526 CO. DURHAM 
4 HUNTER Margaret  Oct 1934Hartlepool, County Durham I88 N. YORKSHIRE 
5 ROBINSON Ann  Jan 1862Hartlepool, County Durham I20 N. YORKSHIRE 
6 SCOTSON Anne  Aug 1872Hartlepool, County Durham I50 N. YORKSHIRE 
7 SCOTSON Charles  14 Sep 1865Hartlepool, County Durham I29 N. YORKSHIRE 
8 SCOTSON Dora  Nov 2001Hartlepool, County Durham I143 CO. DURHAM 
9 SCOTSON Edith Ann  1939Hartlepool, County Durham I11 N. YORKSHIRE 
10 SCOTSON Emmeline Grace  Jan 1875Hartlepool, County Durham I76 N. YORKSHIRE 
11 SCOTSON Esther Louisa  1885Hartlepool, County Durham I18 N. YORKSHIRE 
12 SCOTSON Jane  Sep 1867Hartlepool, County Durham I26 N. YORKSHIRE 
13 SCOTSON Jessie  1933Hartlepool, County Durham I19 CO. DURHAM 
14 SCOTSON John  1893Hartlepool, County Durham I14 CO. DURHAM 
15 SCOTSON John William  Feb 1921Hartlepool, County Durham I14 N. YORKSHIRE 
16 SCOTSON Marjorie  Jul 1999Hartlepool, County Durham I145 CO. DURHAM 
17 SCOTSON Robert  1895Hartlepool, County Durham I6 N. YORKSHIRE 
18 SCOTSON Ruth Ann  Aug 1883Hartlepool, County Durham I27 N. YORKSHIRE 
19 TODD Ann  8 Aug 1865Hartlepool, County Durham I21 N. YORKSHIRE 
20 WALLACE Arthur  1922Hartlepool, County Durham I115 N. YORKSHIRE 
21 WARD John Moss  1972Hartlepool, County Durham I187 CO. DURHAM 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Census    Person ID   Tree 
1 SCOTSON Elizabeth  30 Mar 1851Hartlepool, County Durham I25 N. YORKSHIRE 
2 SCOTSON Mary  31 Mar 1901Hartlepool, County Durham I30 N. YORKSHIRE 


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   Family    Married    Family ID   Tree 
1 ALLAN / SCOTSON  1893Hartlepool, County Durham F23 N. YORKSHIRE 
2 BELL / SCOTSON  1892Hartlepool, County Durham F109 CO. DURHAM 
3 BILTON / SCOTSON  1888Hartlepool, County Durham F10 CO. DURHAM 
4 CORNER / SCOTSON  1866Hartlepool, County Durham F14 N. YORKSHIRE 
5 DIXON / SCOTSON  1900Hartlepool, County Durham F14 CO. DURHAM 
6 MILNER / SCOTSON  1927Hartlepool, County Durham F25 N. YORKSHIRE 
7 PEARSON / BEANEY  19 Mar 1941Hartlepool, County Durham F181 CO. DURHAM 
8 SCOTSON / HUNTER  1888Hartlepool, County Durham F21 N. YORKSHIRE 
9 SCOTSON / PALMER  1937Hartlepool, County Durham F293 CO. DURHAM 
10 SCOTSON / TINDALE  1891Hartlepool, County Durham F34 N. YORKSHIRE 
11 SCOTSON / WEBBER  1901Hartlepool, County Durham F32 N. YORKSHIRE 
12 SCOTSON / WORLEY  1900Hartlepool, County Durham F11 CO. DURHAM 
13 WALLACE / KELLY  1894Hartlepool, County Durham F35 N. YORKSHIRE