Bickershaw, Abram, Lancashire



Latitude: 53.5040683, Longitude: -2.5729843


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1 ACKERS Charles Thomas  1863Bickershaw, Abram, Lancashire I354 RADCLIFFE 
2 ACKERS Florence Mary  1867Bickershaw, Abram, Lancashire I633 RADCLIFFE 
3 ACKERS William  3 Sep 1878Bickershaw, Abram, Lancashire I2118 RADCLIFFE 
4 ACKERS William Robinson  1865Bickershaw, Abram, Lancashire I1517 RADCLIFFE 
5 COWBURN Ada Ellen  1884Bickershaw, Abram, Lancashire I3224 RADCLIFFE 
6 COWBURN Dora  1879Bickershaw, Abram, Lancashire I362 RADCLIFFE 
7 COWBURN Ethel  1878Bickershaw, Abram, Lancashire I363 RADCLIFFE 
8 FRANCE Ellen  1878Bickershaw, Abram, Lancashire I501 RADCLIFFE 
9 HARRISON Mary  1887Bickershaw, Abram, Lancashire I10334 RADCLIFFE 
10 HARRISON Sarah  1879Bickershaw, Abram, Lancashire I9433 RADCLIFFE 
11 HARRISON Sarah  1884Bickershaw, Abram, Lancashire I10333 RADCLIFFE 
12 HESKETH Ellen  1893Bickershaw, Abram, Lancashire I638 RADCLIFFE 
13 HESKETH James  1896Bickershaw, Abram, Lancashire I639 RADCLIFFE 
14 HOWARTH Alice  1871Bickershaw, Abram, Lancashire I766 RADCLIFFE 
15 HOWARTH Hannah  5 Sep 1868Bickershaw, Abram, Lancashire I767 RADCLIFFE 
16 SCOTSON Alice  1886Bickershaw, Abram, Lancashire I9477 RADCLIFFE 
17 SCOTSON Arthur  31 Jan 1898Bickershaw, Abram, Lancashire I7266 RADCLIFFE 
18 SCOTSON Edith  21 Jul 1899Bickershaw, Abram, Lancashire I7270 RADCLIFFE 
19 SCOTSON Eleanor  1889Bickershaw, Abram, Lancashire I9478 RADCLIFFE 
20 SCOTSON Eleanor Constance  1864Bickershaw, Abram, Lancashire I2155 RADCLIFFE 
21 SCOTSON Ethel  21 Jul 1899Bickershaw, Abram, Lancashire I7269 RADCLIFFE 
22 SCOTSON Fred  1901Bickershaw, Abram, Lancashire I2195 RADCLIFFE 
23 SCOTSON Harry  1901Bickershaw, Abram, Lancashire I7271 RADCLIFFE 
24 SCOTSON Mary  22 Jul 1882Bickershaw, Abram, Lancashire I2908 RADCLIFFE 
25 SCOTSON Robert  1875Bickershaw, Abram, Lancashire I527 RADCLIFFE 
26 SCOTSON Sarah Ann  3 Feb 1885Bickershaw, Abram, Lancashire I1023 RADCLIFFE 
27 SCOTSON Walter  3 Nov 1877Bickershaw, Abram, Lancashire I1545 RADCLIFFE 
28 SMITH Annie  1898Bickershaw, Abram, Lancashire I9955 RADCLIFFE 
29 SMITH James Edward  29 Jul 1901Bickershaw, Abram, Lancashire I9959 RADCLIFFE 
30 SMITH Mary  1892Bickershaw, Abram, Lancashire I9960 RADCLIFFE 
31 SMITH Samuel  1 Oct 1896Bickershaw, Abram, Lancashire I9963 RADCLIFFE 
32 SMITH William Howarth  12 Sep 1894Bickershaw, Abram, Lancashire I9964 RADCLIFFE 
33 WEST Alice  1894Bickershaw, Abram, Lancashire I5072 RADCLIFFE 
34 WILDMAN Elizabeth  1900Bickershaw, Abram, Lancashire I9430 RADCLIFFE 
35 WILDMAN George  1902Bickershaw, Abram, Lancashire I9426 RADCLIFFE 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID   Tree 
1 GLOVER Hannah  19 Jul 1888Bickershaw, Abram, Lancashire I534 RADCLIFFE 
2 HINDLE Tabitha  1928Bickershaw, Abram, Lancashire I10004 RADCLIFFE 
3 NEVILLE Ellen Fort  Mar 1886Bickershaw, Abram, Lancashire I10117 RADCLIFFE 
4 NEVILLE Robert  1887Bickershaw, Abram, Lancashire I6045 RADCLIFFE 
5 SCOTSON Elizabeth  1899Bickershaw, Abram, Lancashire I2162 RADCLIFFE 
6 SCOTSON James  1881Bickershaw, Abram, Lancashire I2256 RADCLIFFE 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID   Tree 
1 GASKELL Elizabeth Ann  1899Bickershaw, Abram, Lancashire I509 RADCLIFFE 
2 HAYDOCK Richard  1886Bickershaw, Abram, Lancashire I628 RADCLIFFE 
3 RUDD Ellen  1897Bickershaw, Abram, Lancashire I2017 RADCLIFFE