Hackney, London, Middlesex



Latitude: 51.5384951, Longitude: -0.0676224


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1 BILLINGS George Dudley F  1898Hackney, London, Middlesex I4886 RADCLIFFE 
2 JONES Lilian D  1912Hackney, London, Middlesex I4443 RADCLIFFE 
3 PARSONS Gladys Vera  21 Oct 1903Hackney, London, Middlesex I4490 RADCLIFFE 
4 RICHARDS Florence May E  1906Hackney, London, Middlesex I4444 RADCLIFFE 
5 ROKE Charlotte Harriet  1855Hackney, London, Middlesex I6116 RADCLIFFE 
6 SCULTHORP Alice Martha  1884Hackney, London, Middlesex I6003 RADCLIFFE 
7 WILLIAMS Blodwen  1913Hackney, London, Middlesex I4754 RADCLIFFE 
8 WOOD Alice  1914Hackney, London, Middlesex I6005 RADCLIFFE 
9 WOOD Alice V  1884Hackney, London, Middlesex I6119 RADCLIFFE 
10 WOOD Charlotte  1878Hackney, London, Middlesex I6122 RADCLIFFE 
11 WOOD Ernest  1882Hackney, London, Middlesex I6001 RADCLIFFE 
12 WOOD Ernest  1907Hackney, London, Middlesex I6004 RADCLIFFE 
13 WOOD John Frederick V  1886Hackney, London, Middlesex I6121 RADCLIFFE 
14 WOOD Mary  1878Hackney, London, Middlesex I6002 RADCLIFFE 
15 WOOD May  1914Hackney, London, Middlesex I6006 RADCLIFFE 
16 WOOD Sarah Ethel  1895Hackney, London, Middlesex I6135 RADCLIFFE 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID   Tree 
1 ROKE Charlotte Harriet  1931Hackney, London, Middlesex I6116 RADCLIFFE 
2 WALKER Henry  1924Hackney, London, Middlesex I6136 RADCLIFFE 
3 WOOD Edward  1930Hackney, London, Middlesex I6000 RADCLIFFE 
4 WOOD Ernest  1959Hackney, London, Middlesex I6001 RADCLIFFE 
5 WOOD George  1918Hackney, London, Middlesex I5993 RADCLIFFE 
6 WOOD George  1955Hackney, London, Middlesex I5999 RADCLIFFE 
7 WOOD Robert  1905Hackney, London, Middlesex I5994 RADCLIFFE 


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   Family    Married    Family ID   Tree 
1 CRIPPS / PARSONS  1925Hackney, London, Middlesex F1364 RADCLIFFE 
2 JONES / PHILLIPS  1900Hackney, London, Middlesex F1346 RADCLIFFE 
3 JONES / RICHARDS  1934Hackney, London, Middlesex F1348 RADCLIFFE 
4 RICHARDS / POYNTER  1897Hackney, London, Middlesex F1353 RADCLIFFE 
5 WOOD / SCULTHORP  1904Hackney, London, Middlesex F1794 RADCLIFFE 
6 WOOD / WOODLAND  1849Hackney, London, Middlesex F1792 RADCLIFFE