Hackney, London, Middlesex



Latitude: 51.5384951, Longitude: -0.0676224


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1 BILLINGS George Dudley F  1898Hackney, London, Middlesex I4888 RADCLIFFE 
2 JONES Lilian D  1912Hackney, London, Middlesex I4445 RADCLIFFE 
3 PARSONS Gladys Vera  21 Oct 1903Hackney, London, Middlesex I4492 RADCLIFFE 
4 RICHARDS Florence May E  1906Hackney, London, Middlesex I4446 RADCLIFFE 
5 ROKE Charlotte Harriet  1855Hackney, London, Middlesex I6121 RADCLIFFE 
6 SCULTHORP Alice Martha  1884Hackney, London, Middlesex I6008 RADCLIFFE 
7 WILLIAMS Blodwen  1913Hackney, London, Middlesex I4756 RADCLIFFE 
8 WOOD Alice V  1884Hackney, London, Middlesex I6124 RADCLIFFE 
9 WOOD Charlotte  1878Hackney, London, Middlesex I6127 RADCLIFFE 
10 WOOD Ernest  1882Hackney, London, Middlesex I6006 RADCLIFFE 
11 WOOD Ernest  1907Hackney, London, Middlesex I6009 RADCLIFFE 
12 WOOD John Frederick V  1886Hackney, London, Middlesex I6126 RADCLIFFE 
13 WOOD Mary  1878Hackney, London, Middlesex I6007 RADCLIFFE 
14 WOOD Sarah Ethel  1895Hackney, London, Middlesex I6140 RADCLIFFE 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID   Tree 
1 ROKE Charlotte Harriet  1931Hackney, London, Middlesex I6121 RADCLIFFE 
2 WALKER Henry  1924Hackney, London, Middlesex I6141 RADCLIFFE 
3 WOOD Edward  1930Hackney, London, Middlesex I6005 RADCLIFFE 
4 WOOD Ernest  1959Hackney, London, Middlesex I6006 RADCLIFFE 
5 WOOD George  1918Hackney, London, Middlesex I5998 RADCLIFFE 
6 WOOD George  1955Hackney, London, Middlesex I6004 RADCLIFFE 
7 WOOD Robert  1905Hackney, London, Middlesex I5999 RADCLIFFE 


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   Family    Married    Family ID   Tree 
1 CRIPPS / PARSONS  1925Hackney, London, Middlesex F1365 RADCLIFFE 
2 JONES / PHILLIPS  1900Hackney, London, Middlesex F1347 RADCLIFFE 
3 JONES / RICHARDS  1934Hackney, London, Middlesex F1349 RADCLIFFE 
4 RICHARDS / POYNTER  1897Hackney, London, Middlesex F1354 RADCLIFFE 
5 WOOD / SCULTHORP  1904Hackney, London, Middlesex F1797 RADCLIFFE 
6 WOOD / WOODLAND  1849Hackney, London, Middlesex F1795 RADCLIFFE