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301 [Mort James.FTW]

Granddaughter Martha Mort staying on 1851 census don't know who ispare nt Death 27 Mar 1867 ? 
MORT Henry (I720)
302 [Mort James.FTW]

May also have been censused with Mary Mort (Payne) as niece!! shouldbe g randdaughter 
MORT Effa (I601)
303 [Mort James.FTW]

May be in 1881 census birth place Glazebury married and living inPenni ngton 
MORT Joseph (I978)
304 [Mort James.FTW]

No reference in the 1881 census 
PRESCOTT Wright (I1699)
305 [Mort James.FTW]

not in 1901 census 
MORT Nellie (I1192)
306 [Mort James.FTW]

Other entries in IGI suggest birth about 1793 and death 19 Dec 1840wit h links to marriage with Henry Mort 1807 Wigan. Unlikely as shewould h ave been just 15 when her first child was born but it ispossible. 
DORNING Mary (I431)
307 [Mort James.FTW]

Possible birth Q4 1880 Warrington 8c 200 registered as Mary Monks 
MONKS Mary Eliza (I298)
308 [Mort James.FTW]

Possible Death Leigh Q3 1884 8c 145 
CALDWELL James (I211)
309 [Mort James.FTW]

Possible Death Q4 1881 Warrington 8c 103 
MONKS Edward (I227)
310 [Mort James.FTW]

Possible married and living in Croft? in 1861 Census
When did he get married? 
MORT John (I861)
311 [Mort James.FTW]

Probable date of birth
Possible entry in 1871 census as aged 17 servant in Warrington - placeo f birth transcribed as Culchett. If this is the correct Magaret Mortsh e is still working for the same family in Warrington as a servantin 18 81 census 
MORT Margaret (I1100)
312 [Mort James.FTW]

Requested Draft Exemption due to Rheumatism 
MORT Floyd Elmer (I671)
313 [Mort James.FTW]

see 1910 census 
Family F287
314 [Mort James.FTW]

Twin with John? Possibly living with grandparents (mother's side?)1871 [Mort James.FTW]

Not sure if this is correct. Possibly living/staying with grandparents( grandmother's side) Is it possible that this is Noah Mort bn 1859fathe r Noah Mort and mother Mary Ann Taylor 
MORT Noah (I1222)
315 [Scotson Manchester.FTW]

[Scotson Warrington.ftw]

Frederick Hector Scotson, born on 28 January 1900. Qualifed MB ChB in1 922. Passed the Fellowship of the Royal College of Surgeons in 1924,wh ich was awarded a year later because of his young age at the timethe e xamination was passed. He married Annie Mollie Bradbury in 1928,who di ed 24 December 1940.
- John Hector SCotson 
SCOTSON Frederick Hector (I2212)
316 [Scotson Manchester.FTW]

[Scotson Warrington.ftw]

James and Margaret were the parents of another James Scotson who wasbo rn on 19 July 1849 in Prescot, Lancashire. According to hisobituary no tice he was educated at St Marks College, London where heobtained hono urs. He came to Warrington from Wigan (where he was theheadmaster of U pholland School - (I have not been able to confirmthis) and founded a w ine and spirit business in Bold Street,Warrington. He was listed in th e Warrington records as a wine andspirit merchant whose business was e stablished in 1877. His wife diedon 24 September 1894 in Warrington. T he children of James andMargaret were Frederick Charles, George Alexan der, Margaret Knox andNellie Atkinson.
- John Hector Scotson

Oct 1927
On Tuesday, one of hte oldest inhabitants of Warrington, Mr JamesScots on, passed away in Manchester at the age of 88. Mr Scotson wasborn in W arrington and educated at St Mark's College, London, wherehe obtained h onours. He attended the Parish Church and was Rector'swarden and a sid esman for many years. He was also superintendent ofthe Parochial boys' S unday School for over 20 years. Mr Scotson cameto Warrington from near W igan (where he was headmaster of UphollandSchool), in the year 1872 an d founded the business in Bold Street,where he resided.

The funeral took place on Friday at the Warrington Cemetry, Rev A. J.B ratt of Holy Trinity, officiated.

The mourners were: Dr F.C.Scotson and George Scotson (sons); Dr. H.Sco tson and Denis A. Scotson (grandsons); Messrs. J. Scotson(brother); Ho hn Scotson and R.Sutton (nephews). Mr. Canon Bardsleyattended at the g raveside.

Flower tributes were received from Fred. and Sis; George and Frances;M owbray, Nellie and Kenneth; Hector and Winifred; Denis, John andMary; J ohn and Nellie; Maggie; Mr R Sutton and family; Mr & Mrs A.Ashton; Mrs W B aker; Mrs Lightburn; Dr & Mrs Cryer, Manchester.

The funeral arrangements were in the hands of Messrs. Broome, ofManche ster, and G.H.Whitney, Warrington. 
SCOTSON James (I2265)

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