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151 Sarah Ann Hilton was quite small and very similar in looks to MelanieB rown,
Sylvia Collinge's daughter 
HILTON Sarah Ann (I697)
152 Sarah Scotson married a Jones. After she was widowed, she bought a boarding house in Rhyll and later met a Mr Johnson when he spent aholiday i n the town. They moved to Darwen, Lancs, where he owned anewsagent's s hop. SCOTSON Sarah (I991)
153 Scotson - Winifred Hilley aged 70 years, peacefully on 28th August 1999, wife of the late JAMES, mother of Christopher, Ian, Glyn and Neil, grandmother of Craig, Mark, Karen, Stewart, Mathew and Gareth and mother-in-law of Linda, Margaret, Christine and Maria.
The most wonderful mother that ever lived.
Whatever she had, she was willing to give.
A special smile, a happy face.
A special mother who can never be replaced.
A loving tribute, small and tender,
To a mother we loved and will always remember.
Service on Friday 3rd September 1999 at 2.45 pm at Sankeys followed by committal at Howe Bridge Crematorium at 3.30 pm. Family flowers only please, any donations if desired to Richmond House Hursing Home, Mitchell Street, Leigh.
All enquiries to Sankeys Funeral Service, 5 Hope Street, Leigh. 
CURRIE Winifred Hilley (I396)
12:00pm Thursday 8 May 2008

SCOTSON JOHN WAYNE SCOTSON sadly passed away on the 28th April 2008 aged 27 years, JOHN was a dearly loved and loving Son to Michelle, Brother to Janine, Samantha, Jessica and Zakry, Doting Father to Leah and Josh, Loving Partner to Kate and a very dear friend to many. He will be sadly missed by all who knew him, Good Night, God Bless. All enquiries please to Abbey Funerals Leigh, 94 Chapel Street, Leigh, Tel: 01942-261936.

12:00pm Thursday 22 May 2008
SCOTSON The family of the Late MR JOHN WAYNE SCOTSON would like to express their sincere thanks to all relatives, friends, neighbours and all who attended the funeral service too numerous to mention individually. Special thanks to Reverend Father Hirst for his kind and comforting ministrations, to Reuben for his wonderful tribute, to John’s friends who came on their motorbikes and to Suzan and staff at Abbey Funerals Leigh for giving John such a fantastic and fitting funeral service. Thank you all for kind expressions of sympathy, cards of condolence and beautiful floral tributes received at this sad time. JOHN was dearly loved by his family and very many friends he will be sadly missed by all who knew him. 
EMERY (SCOTSON) John Wayne H (I171)
155 Settled in Cardington Beds SCOTSON Elsie Mary (I213)
156 Source: Vital Records Index - British Isles
Event Type: Christening
Recorded in: Liverpool, St. James, Lancashire, England
Reference: FHL 1468979 1775-1806 BTS
Reference: FHL 1468981 1836-1843

NAME Family History Library
ADDR 35 North West Temple Street
CONT Salt Lake City, Utah 84150
Source (S3)
157 Spinster, lived and died with Uncle William SCOTSON Ann (I10)
158 Stepson of James Scotson?

Stepson of James Scotson? 
SCOTSON Douglas Stephen (I3101)
159 This is the last Will and Testament of me James Scotson of Little Byrom Hall, Lowton in the County of Lancaster, yeoman. I appoint my sonErn est Beswick Scotson and my friend John Bennet of Leigh..... SCOTSON Robert (I504)
Stolen from the dwelling of Edward Scotson, Mopoke Gully, Strathloddon, Vaughan, Castlemaine District, on the night of the 11th instant, 12 yards of white calico, 9 of brown wincey, a nearly new white flannel shirt, and a nearly new 2-quart billy. - 20 June 1870. 
SCOTSON Edmund\Edward (I49)
161 Victoria Police Gazette 9 Jan 1889
John E Scotson is charge, on warrant, with uttering a forged cheque to Martin and Boyce, drapers, on the 31st ultimo. Description:- English, groom and coachman, about 30 years of age, 5 feet 10 inches high, medium build, clean shaved, dark hair and complexion, two upper front teeth out; usually wears dark tweed suit, sometimes brown cardigan jacket, black boxer hat or light-colored helmit. Was billiard-marker at the Shamrock Hotel during the beginning of last year, and was similarly employed at the Horsham Club Hotel some time ago. Said he was going to India with horses when leaving Sandhurst. Supposed to have come to Melbourne or Collingwood. - O.186, 8th January 1889. 
SCOTSON John Edward (I512)
162 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Living (I297)
163 When discharged from Army: 27 Aug 1850
Height: 5'6½"
Hair: Pl Brown
Eyes: Blue
Complexion: Light
Marks, scars: A brown scar under right eye

69th Regiment Foot, Neatta 14th May 1850
No. 1058 Private Edward Ackers by trade a Labourer, born Blackrod, near Wigan
was attested on 18 September 1835 at the age of 21 years. After deduction up to 31 May 1850, he is entitled to reckon, amounts Two years, 339 days, during which he served abroad 7 years
West Indies 1 1/12 years
North America 3 7/12 years
Mediterranean 2 4/12 years
his DISCHARGE having been found unfit for further service
With regard to his conduct .. his conduct has been that of a bad soldier - Tried by a Regt Court Martial 27 May 1846 for absence without leave . Tried for the same offence on 5th October, and by a Dis, Court on 20 March 1847 for desertion.
Medical Report:
Pt Edward Ackers. an Englishman, A labourer aged 35 years has suffered from Diarrhea & repeated attacks of catarrh and is at present affected with lyspunea, cough, & Mucous ralis on the left side of the chest, pulse frequent & weak, body much emanciated. The disease has been caused by predisposition ans has been aggravated by intemperance.
After examination Edward Ackers is unfit for service and unlikely to be permanently disqualified for military duty. 
ACKERS Edward (I450)
164 Wilfred Collinge would have moved to Leigh with his parents, where they lived at 51 Brideoake Street , and lived next door to LaviniaIsherwo od at 53. He worked as a stoker at Mather Lane Mill and atLeigh Spinne rs with a lot of Irish men. At weekends he worked as awatchman with a w atchdog. He had a pekinese and fox terrier. He alsoworked at Leigh Bre wery as a stoker, and afterwards was unemployed.After the war he worke d at Courtaulds as a stoker under a faulse age,which caused problems w hen he later tried to apply for a pension. COLLINGE Wilfred (I342)
165 [Ackers Smith.FTW]

Abraham Ackers, Private 11156 died Nov 1915 of Typhoid Feber at sea onH MS Morea of 6th Battalion Border Regiment
Commemorated by name only, on WW1 Cenotaph at Lowton St Mary's & Abramc hurches, also with similar inscriptions to the above regimentaldetails o n Parents' gravestone in Abram, St John's Churchyard and onHelles (War G raves Commission Memorial) Gallipoli, Turkey,overlooking the straits o f Dardanelles. 
ACKERS Abraham (I218)
166 [Ackers Smith.FTW]

George Ridyard was writer of "Memories of Lowton" in 1935 and
"Sixty years reminiscences of Abram Coal Company and Abram Township"(L eigh Historical Society, monograph no. 1. 
RIDYARD George Thomas (I1931)
167 [Ackers Smith.FTW]

Ralph Ackers was wounded in World War I abroad, brought back to ahospi tal in Coventry where he died of terrible injuries. He wasburied at Le igh Cemetry with full military honours. 
ACKERS Ralph (I1051)
168 [Mort James.FTW]

1871 census grand daughter Janet or Jane Mort aged 4 born in St Helensl iving with Alice but not sure whose child, also 1881 census. Couldshe b e daughter Alice's illegitimate child? 
MOFFET Alice (I2588)
169 [Mort James.FTW]

Aboard clipper "Roscius"

[Mort James.FTW]

Aboard clipper "Roscius" 
MORT Jonathan (I880)
170 [Mort James.FTW]

Aboard clipper "Roscius" 
PAYNE Mary (I1631)
171 [Mort James.FTW]

Aboard the William Rathbone 
MORT Margaret (I1083)
172 [Mort James.FTW]

Also two grandchildren Mary Mort age 11 mnts and 
MORT Noah (I1205)
173 [Mort James.FTW]

Granddaughter Martha Mort staying on 1851 census don't know who ispare nt Death 27 Mar 1867 ? 
MORT Henry (I716)
174 [Mort James.FTW]

May also have been censused with Mary Mort (Payne) as niece!! shouldbe g randdaughter 
MORT Effa (I597)
175 [Mort James.FTW]

May be in 1881 census birth place Glazebury married and living inPenni ngton 
MORT Joseph (I973)
176 [Mort James.FTW]

No reference in the 1881 census 
PRESCOTT Wright (I1694)
177 [Mort James.FTW]

not in 1901 census 
MORT Nellie (I1187)
178 [Mort James.FTW]

Other entries in IGI suggest birth about 1793 and death 19 Dec 1840wit h links to marriage with Henry Mort 1807 Wigan. Unlikely as shewould h ave been just 15 when her first child was born but it ispossible. 
DORNING Mary (I427)
179 [Mort James.FTW]

Possible birth Q4 1880 Warrington 8c 200 registered as Mary Monks 
MONKS Mary Eliza (I295)
180 [Mort James.FTW]

Possible Death Leigh Q3 1884 8c 145 
CALDWELL James (I208)
181 [Mort James.FTW]

Possible Death Q4 1881 Warrington 8c 103 
MONKS Edward (I224)
182 [Mort James.FTW]

Possible married and living in Croft? in 1861 Census
When did he get married? 
MORT John (I857)
183 [Mort James.FTW]

Probable date of birth
Possible entry in 1871 census as aged 17 servant in Warrington - placeo f birth transcribed as Culchett. If this is the correct Magaret Mortsh e is still working for the same family in Warrington as a servantin 18 81 census 
MORT Margaret (I1095)
184 [Mort James.FTW]

Requested Draft Exemption due to Rheumatism 
MORT Floyd Elmer (I667)
185 [Mort James.FTW]

see 1910 census 
Family F287
186 [Mort James.FTW]

Twin with John? Possibly living with grandparents (mother's side?)1871 [Mort James.FTW]

Not sure if this is correct. Possibly living/staying with grandparents( grandmother's side) Is it possible that this is Noah Mort bn 1859fathe r Noah Mort and mother Mary Ann Taylor 
MORT Noah (I1217)
187 [Scotson Manchester.FTW]

[Scotson Warrington.ftw]

Frederick Hector Scotson, born on 28 January 1900. Qualifed MB ChB in1 922. Passed the Fellowship of the Royal College of Surgeons in 1924,wh ich was awarded a year later because of his young age at the timethe e xamination was passed. He married Annie Mollie Bradbury in 1928,who di ed 24 December 1940.
- John Hector SCotson 
SCOTSON Frederick Hector (I2207)
188 [Scotson Manchester.FTW]

[Scotson Warrington.ftw]

James and Margaret were the parents of another James Scotson who wasbo rn on 19 July 1849 in Prescot, Lancashire. According to hisobituary no tice he was educated at St Marks College, London where heobtained hono urs. He came to Warrington from Wigan (where he was theheadmaster of U pholland School - (I have not been able to confirmthis) and founded a w ine and spirit business in Bold Street,Warrington. He was listed in th e Warrington records as a wine andspirit merchant whose business was e stablished in 1877. His wife diedon 24 September 1894 in Warrington. T he children of James andMargaret were Frederick Charles, George Alexan der, Margaret Knox andNellie Atkinson.
- John Hector Scotson

Oct 1927
On Tuesday, one of hte oldest inhabitants of Warrington, Mr JamesScots on, passed away in Manchester at the age of 88. Mr Scotson wasborn in W arrington and educated at St Mark's College, London, wherehe obtained h onours. He attended the Parish Church and was Rector'swarden and a sid esman for many years. He was also superintendent ofthe Parochial boys' S unday School for over 20 years. Mr Scotson cameto Warrington from near W igan (where he was headmaster of UphollandSchool), in the year 1872 an d founded the business in Bold Street,where he resided.

The funeral took place on Friday at the Warrington Cemetry, Rev A. J.B ratt of Holy Trinity, officiated.

The mourners were: Dr F.C.Scotson and George Scotson (sons); Dr. H.Sco tson and Denis A. Scotson (grandsons); Messrs. J. Scotson(brother); Ho hn Scotson and R.Sutton (nephews). Mr. Canon Bardsleyattended at the g raveside.

Flower tributes were received from Fred. and Sis; George and Frances;M owbray, Nellie and Kenneth; Hector and Winifred; Denis, John andMary; J ohn and Nellie; Maggie; Mr R Sutton and family; Mr & Mrs A.Ashton; Mrs W B aker; Mrs Lightburn; Dr & Mrs Cryer, Manchester.

The funeral arrangements were in the hands of Messrs. Broome, ofManche ster, and G.H.Whitney, Warrington. 
SCOTSON James (I2260)

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