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Frank was in the trenches on the Somme and Ypres during the First World War. He suffered from gas gangrene due to the terrible mud andfrosts , and lost the lower part of one leg and the toes off theother. He mar ried Annie and they owned and ran a sweet shop in Leighand later a Pos t Office in Railway Road, Wallesey. 
ISHERWOOD Frank (I889)

James Isherwood was known as "Diamond Jim" because of a large solitaite diamond ring he wore. He was not popular within the family, becausei n 1926 he had some advice information of the problems on the stockexch ange and rode on his bike to advise his then fiancee Annie tosell her s hares, but he did not tell his own family, in particularhis mother, an d they lost their savings when the crash cameHe becamea magistrate's c lerk, and it is rumoured that he was involved inembezzlement in a comp any he worked with. Jim became a magistrate andalso was a company dire ctor with business interests in Blackpool,where he lived during his ma rried life. On the death of Annie hemarried Heidi, who was his secreta ry. 
ISHERWOOD James (I900)

MORT Peter James (I1229)

Lilian Rosa had no children - housekeeper and married the boss.Owned cattle in Molash.He must have been married once before because he had his own children.

Lilian Rosa had no children - housekeeper and married the boss.Owned cattle in Molash.He must have been married once before because he had his own children. 
FRIAR Lilian Rosa (I3041)
Info From Betty Woolley
"Jimmy - one son, Jimmy, I think he lives in Victoria Road." 
SMITH James Edward (I9965)
6 Source (S129)
7 1903 Birth/Baptism Record
Address: 517 Bickershaw Lane, Bickershaw
Father: William Smith (Collier)
Mother: Hannah

1911 Census
Address: 509 Bickershaw Lane Bickershaw Near Wigan, Abram, Lancashire, England

Info From Betty Woolley
"Alice - No family" 
SMITH Elizabeth Alice (I9962)
8 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Living (I9956)
9 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Living (I9952)
10 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Living (I9945)
11 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Living (I9949)
12 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Living (I9947)
13 Farmer at Bodyhfredd, near Wrexham, then at Elmhurst, Preston Road, Coppull. When he died, the farm was run by his wife, then taken over by his son James who continue to run it until 1960. It was sold when his wife Lililan died. SCOTSON James Edmund (I91)
14 Found by his parents in bed at his home on 1/10/11 - 11 Mopoke Hill Road Warrandyte - after he didn't show up to dinner for his twin sons' birthday.
They believe he passed away on 29/09/11 after going to bed and believe he died from a seizure.

Several months before he died he had a seizure at home which left him disoriented and doctors put him on medication to control any future seizures. The medication meant he was not allowed to drive, so he came on holidays to QLD with his parents. Less than a week after they returned to Victoria, he must have had a seizure in bed and died in bed.

Lived with wife Amelia at 74 Percy Street, Mitcham, Victoria 
DAVIES Colin (I9948)
15 In John's inventory we read:- Imp'is - one cowe price xxs Itm corne by estimatio' vs his App'ell w'th implements in the housse by estimatio' Itm.debts owinge unto ye said John Scotson desseased Leonr'de herdson de bowth xxiiis viiid Thomas kellet of same xxvs viiid for ye w'ch have layde in gaydage on pa'cell of medow intyll it be paid. willm keyne jun'r upo' a gaidge xxs Rychard Scotson xxs Itm. the said Rych upon one gaidge xlvis viiid John Sawray balife xs, Summa totalis ix xviiis viid. SCOTSON Richard (I4)
16 Info From Betty Woolley
"One daughter, Josephine, only saw her a couple of times. I think she lives in Wigan." 
SMITH Ernest (I9963)
17 Info From Ian Prescott (2016)
"Hannah seems to think that one of them (Jack or Florence) was buried at Abram St John the Evangelist but I have not been able to confirm this from the parish records. I suspect that both of them were also cremated at the aforementioned Crematorium (Wigan Ince Crematorium)."

Info From Jean Davies (2016)
"He was very sick in the end. His kidneys failed and he was in and out of hospital." 
PORTER John (I9957)
18 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Living (I9968)
19 MI St John the Evangelist, Abram Source (S99)
20 Undoubtedly the most famous of the Scotson brood was an "Old Aunt Martha" who outlived all the rest of them and was well know to practically everone who bore the name. Born on May 8th 1833, she did not leave us until April 11th, 1929, so that on her departure she lacked just one month for her 96th birthday. Although born too late to meet her grandfather James (who died in the year 1812) by a few years, still her life span brought her close enough to learn most of the details relating to him, how he came to the smithy in the first place and what progress he had made during his lifetime. Remarkably, Aunt Martha did not change her name when she married, which is something of a rarity, for she married her cousin John Scotson, who like herself, had one of the seven fiddlers for a father. John was born at Wood End in 1819, but grew up along with his wife in close proximity to both Chisnall and Clayton Halls which seem to be occupied by all of the fiddlers and their families at different periods. After John & Martha were married they moved away from the Chorley district and occupied yet another landmark known as Holt Hall Farm at Gateacre, near Liverpool. Aunt Martha and her son, James Edward, who followed her were tenants on this farm for many years and it was here that I knew them best, for I had spent many schoolboy vacations with "Unclie Jim Ned" The Scotson Cycle (1725-1966) by William Scotson SCOTSON Martha (I50)
21 What the intentory, taken on 3 August 1584, of the goods and chattels of John Scotson of Abbot Park, does reveal is a real clue (not fully appreciated for some time) to the mysterys as to how his descendant Thomas Scotson c.1628-1691 became a comparitively wealthy man, not a 'millionaire' but still rich enough to send his three sons to school (almost certainly Hawkshead Grammar School) and the young one, on to university.

In January 1681Thomas had bought a messuage & tenement in Linda-in-Furness, from John Benson for 100, and on June 18 the transaction was passed in the Manor Court of Furness by the Steward there, one Curwen Rawlinson. And in July 1688 he appears to have sold the same to William Mason 
SCOTSON Thomas (I11)
22 [Scotson Chorlton.FTW]

James was the son of Robert Scotson. Through a photograph taken of James at the National Union of Teachers Conference 1895 we found that he had written a speech which was published in book form and also two other books. He was very highly thought of as a teacher and was awarded an honorary science degree and also made a justice of the peace. James was of a family of 7 brohters and sisters. 
SCOTSON Robert (I8996)
23 Source (S139)
24 Source (S130)
25 Source (S124)
26 Source (S119)
27 Source (S111)
28 Source (S103)
29 Source (S82)
30 Source (S73)
31 Source (S66)
32 Source (S52)
33 Source (S51)
34 Source (S48)
35 Source (S40)
36 Source (S39)
37 Source (S37)
38 Source (S36)
39 Source (S16)
40 Source (S7)
41 1) William Heap's obituary on page 1 of the Sat., July, 27, 1929 'Muskegon Chronicle'.
"William Heap, prominent in Democratic circles of the state and a former Muskegon and Western Michigan manufacturer, is dead in Vichy, France, according to a cable-gram received this morning by his son, Lionel Heap, of Grand Haven.
Death followed a week's illness. Mr. heap was 78 years old. He had been in France the past 11 years. His daughter, Mrs. Brackett Lewis, of The Prague, Czecho-Slovakia, was present at his death.
Mr. Heap was born in Manchester, England. Before moving to Canada, he won national distinction in his country by winning the amateur billiard championship of England. He settled in Owen Sound, Canada, and moved to Muskegon in 1883" [should be 1886]"where he established the manufacturing firm of William Heap and Sons which was located on Irwin street until 1908 when the factory was moved to Grand Haven, where it is still in business under the management of the son, Lionel heap.
The former Muskegon resident took an active interest in politics in both Muskegon and Ottawa counties. Sixteen years ago he ran for the office of state senator. He was also known as a sportsman. He wrote several articles on trout fishing which were published in sports magazines.
He is survived by two sons, Lionel Heap of Grand Haven and Cecil Heap of Spring Lake and a daughter, Mrs. Brackett Lewis, of The Prague. The funeral is to be held MOnday and he is to be buried along-side his eldest daughter at Nancy, France." 
HEAP William (I2924)
42 A blacksmith SCOTSON William (I230)
43 A stonemason SCOTSON John (I354)
44 A stonemason SCOTSON John (I223)
45 ABBR Marriage CertificateREFN H815015 Source (S435)
46 Abraham studied at Edinburgh College. Abraham's title was Captain A Scotson, M R C V S (Member of the Royal College of VeterinarySurgeons). H e was in the Veterinary Cor in France on the frontlineduring WW1. Abra ham's first wife, Margaret Morrison passed on withcancer in 1924. Th ey had one daughter, Rita, who was married toAlbert A Atkinson. Unfor tunately Abraham & Elsie (Gillian Scotson's)grandparents) only had one s on, James. Elsie (ne Mayo) was a nursein Malvern, Worcester. There w as a person there called Gertrude whoElsie's sister. SCOTSON Abraham (I2044)
47 Ackers Smith: -

George Ridyard was writer of "Memories of Lowton" in 1935 and
"Sixty years reminiscences of Abram Coal Company and Abram Township" (Leigh Historical Society, monograph no. 1. 
RIDYARD George Thomas (I1931)
48 Ackers Smith:-

Ralph Ackers was wounded in World War I abroad, brought back to a hospital in Coventry where he died of terrible injuries. He was buried at Leigh Cemetry with full military honours. 
ACKERS Ralph (I1051)
49 After completing National Service in the RAF Fighter Control, Don worked for a year with Rowntrees of York. He met Elizabeth who was workinga s a medical secretary in a University Department at the ManchesterRoya l Eye Hospital. Don sold, developed systems and programmedaccounting s ystems for accounting machines and the early electronicequipment for M anagement Consultant and then to Centruy Oils where hewas responsible f or Management Services worldwide. Made a director in1984 a position he h eld until 1991 when the Company was taken over.He returned for a time t o Management Consultancy and retired in 1996.He joined the North Staff ordshire Polytechnic in 1985 as a member ofthe Governing Body a positi on he still holds with the StaffordshireUniversity which succeeded it. E lizabeth has been Chairman of BenjaFold Guides in Bramhall for some ye ars and Don has been an activesupporter. ISHERWOOD Donald Arthur (I878)
50 Arthur Gambrell was in the 1st Canadian Mountain Division.
The battalion fought in most of the 3rd Canadian Division's engagements until the end of the war.
The 1st CMR, along with the 4th CMR, was manning the 3rd Division's front on June 2, 1916, when the Germans launched their assault at the outset of the Battle of Mount Sorrel. Its positions were overrun, and 557 of its 692 members (80%) were killed, wounded or captured.] (Wikipedia) 
GAMBRELL Arthur (I3526)

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